May 2, 2012


[quote type=”center”]Well begun is half done ~ Pythagoras [/quote]

It is this principle that guides the kitchen at Luci Ancora.

With fresh, peak season fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, the team at Luci Ancora brings together high quality ingredients, years of experience, and a simple yet creative approach to Italian cooking. In working with the seasons to craft specialty pastas and memorable dishes, Luci Ancora naturally supports small scale agriculture and sustainable practices by selecting the best available ingredients.

Whether local, farmers in Minnesota to larger distributors offering some of the best fish in the world, Luci Ancora’s ongoing relationships with reputable and sustainable producers continue to be at the heart of what we do. From the first bite of wild, line caught Tasmanian Salmon from the Pacific that reaches your plate via overnight delivery to the fresh salad of local greens and vegetables that accompanies it, the cuisine of Luci Ancora reflects our commitment to flavor, sustainability, and small businesses like ours.

As a member of Fish Smart, the kitchens at Ristorante Luci & Luci Ancora have an additional responsibility to serve only sustainably harvested fish and seafoods. Learn a bit more about the FishSmart Program and how the Minnesota Zoo is supporting sustainable fishing and what you can do to help.

  With seasonal fresh produce delivered weekly from Sandra Jean of Sandra Jean Herbal Specialties, our most exciting time of year is summer. From Alaskan Ivory King Salmon available for just a few weeks in June to the over 30 wonderful varieties of Pacific fish offered by Honolulu Fish Company, the summer months at Luci Ancora are colorful and light with fresh ingredients.


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