A tavola con gli amici e la famiglia uno non invecchia

At the table with friends and family, one does not grow old.

Our Story

The story of Luci Ancora & Ristorante Luci is a romantic one, as all good Italian stories are. With a passion for food and wine, cultivated by the experience of living in and around Naples, Italy, the Smith Family began their coincidental culinary and viticulture education when Kennedy was in office…Learn More

Daily Specials + Wine Menu

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Antipasto $11
Four Cheese Flatbread with Truffle Oil

Zuppa $5
Potato & Broccoli

Primo $13
Penne alla Amatriciana ~ Carmelized Onions, Bacon, Hot Pepper, Tomato, and Garlic

Secondo $28
Sauteed King Salmon with Grilled Eggplant and Marinated Mushrooms with Artichoke Aioli

Prezzo Fisso $35

We look forward to seeing you tonight,

~ The Luci Family


Luci Ancora is located on the south-west corner of Cleveland Avenue S & Randolph Avenue in a green stucco stand alone building. With fireplace seating and picture windows, Luci Ancora hosts an open, comfortable atmosphere suitable for relaxing evenings with family and friends, entertaining clients, and celebrating life’s events.

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