Welcome to our dining room, Aria Fresca! Aria Fresca is the newest addition to our restaurant, and her Italian nickname translates to “fresh air,” which is all you’ll be breathing next time you dine with us!

On December 15th, we installed the ISO-Aire, a healthcare grade purification system with 3 levels of protection: 99.99% HEPA, ozone-free bipolar ionization and UVC sterilization. What this filtration system does is filter and clean the air, ultimately improving our indoor air quality by removing and destroying dangerous contaminants and airborne particulates such as virus particles, mold and pollen.

This system runs 24/7 and will work alongside our already high-quality air filtration system which filters over 80% fresh air into our dining-room at all times. Our number one priority is always the safety and well-being of both our staff and customers which is why we chose to take this important step. We look forward to welcoming you into our dining room!