Creative Italian Cuisine Inspired by Tradition & Quality

Saint Paul Italian Restaurant

Our family’s time around the table inspires us each day to create memorable dishes that reflect our philosophy of honest, simple, Italian cooking and dedication to quality ingredients. Our a la carte menu offers a variety of traditional dishes as well as international flavors using products we find inspiring. Whenever possible, we choose local/organic producers who choose sustainable methods. As a FishSmart partner, we are committed to offering sustainably sourced seafoods from wild caught Pacific fish to organically farm raised salmon, we also serve Lake Superior Whitefish in season. Our meats come from regional coops and our fresh pastas are made in house by our second generation pasta chef. We pride ourselves on using whole ingredients and slow cooking techniques that reflect quality and expertise.
No microwave in our Italian kitchen.

We are very fortunate to work with Sandra Jean Herbal Specialties and have done so since opening Luci Ancora in 1997.
2016 will mark our 18th growing season with Sandra Jean. Her farm, located outside of French Lake, Minnesota supplies our kitchens with fresh produce, herbs, flowers, and eggs raised using chemical free methods that work in harmony with nature.

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Because we are a scratch kitchen, we are generally able to accommodate a variety of diets.
Many of our dishes are inherently Gluten Free, those that cannot be prepared Gluten Free are marked with **.
Please inquire with your server for specifics.

Items marked with a V are Vegetarian (contain eggs or dairy, no meat)
Items marked with VG are Vegan (no eggs, dairy, or animal products)
Items marked VGR can be prepared vegan upon request.


Spinaci con Mortadella  12
Warm Spinach + Nebrodini Mushrooms + Arugula

Tempura di Gamberi 12
Tempura Wild Gulf Shrimp, Pepper + Soy Dipping Sauce

Mozzarella in Carrozza 12 V
Encrusted Mozzarella with Tomato + Basil

Polenta 11 V
Fried Polenta, Mushrooms + Mushroom Broth

Antipasto del Giorno | Changes Daily


served with your choice of salad, cesare or mista

Panini alla Caprese 12 V
Warm Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato + Basil

Panini al ‘Burger’ 14
Organic Local Duroc Pork + Mortadella ‘Burger’, Roasted Bell Pepper + Fontina Cheese

insalata e zuppa

Insalata Cesare
Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Anchovy Dressing + Housemade Croutons 7/9.5

Insalata Mista  V
Bibb Lettuce, Gorgonzola Dressing + Nuts 7/9.5

Zuppa del Giorno | Changes Daily


*Our fresh pasta is made in-house and hand-rolled for delicacy and tenderness.

Spaghetti* alle Cozze 15
Fresh Long Pasta, Prince Edward Island Mussels, Garlic, Italian Parsley + Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pappardelle* con Brasato 19
Fresh Long Wide Ribbon Pasta, Braised Beef Shortrib, Carrot + Au Jus

Spaghetti* Bolognese 17
Fresh Long Pasta, | Ground Beef, Pork & Veal + Mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot, tomato)

Fettuccini* con Granchio 21
Fresh Long Pasta, Wild Pacific Red Crab + Citrus Butter

Risotto Milanese 19
Arborio Saffron Rice + Braised Duroc Pork Osso Buco

Carbonara  15
Dry Spaghetti with Smoked Bacon, Egg, Parmesan + Black Pepper

Zucchini Aglio e Olio 14 VGR, GF
Gluten Free ‘Spaghetti’, Sweet & Spicy Peppers + Fresh Mozzarella

Pasta del Giorno | Changes Daily


Bistecca Con Funghi 31
Grass fed, Flax finished Minnesota Prime Beef Striploin + Mushroom Risotto*

Pollo alla Saltimboca 19
Seared Chicken Breast, Prosciutto, Fontina Cheese + Tomato and Sage Sauce

Capesante 29
Seared Diver Sea Scallops, Potato, Crème Fraiche + Trout Caviar Salad

Pesce del Giorno | Changes Daily*


Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee V $6

Dolci del Giorno $6

Belgian Chocolate Flourless Torte V $7


wine, beer, espresso, cappuccino, coffee, tea, sparkling + still mineral water, soda, lemonade, iced tea, and milk

Sample Wine List

Prezzo Fisso ~ offered nightly

Four Course Taster’s Dinner which includes this evening’s specials
Antipasto + Salad/Soup + Daily Pasta + Daily Fish or Beef Striploin,
served in reduced portions as described by your wait person.
From $32 per person ~ Price Varies Nightly

~ Two  for $50.00 on Tuesdays & Thursdays ~

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the four course taster’s dinner is featured at $25.00 per person with a minimum purchase of two four course taster’s dinners per table.

~ Now Offering Late Night Happy Hour ~

$5 Late Night Happy Hour Menu Starting at 8 pm

 Lunch Hours + Offerings

Luci Ancora is open Tuesday-Friday 11:30-2pm for Lunch.

Luci Ancora’s lunch service offers a quiet atmosphere best for business meetings, catching up with friends,
or a special lunch to celebrate life’s achievements. Enjoy our regular menu along with our
Chef’s Selections for Soup + Market Fresh Fish
or Create Your Own Three Course Tasting Menu with our Colazione for $20.

 Reserve your table today (651) 698-6889 !

A selection of  items from our seasonal menu is also available for Lunch or Dinner

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